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Stories From Home – How The World Came Into Being.

Long before the invention of time, Sun stood high and mighty by her lonesome. She loved to dance around the sky with her hands spread out, twirling on her orbit and humming songs of praise to Ngai, the creator. She had lived for thousands of years but not once did she ever go off. She had longed for some company and often asked Ngai to mold her a friend or a child, but being the jealous man that he was, Ngai refused Sun’s request. He loved all the attention he got from her and the thought of Sun shifting her devotion from him was frightening

Sun’s mood begun to change and her light started to dim without her noticing. Ngai’s concern grew as he begun to shiver from the cold. “Sun, shift your posture to the right, I’m trying to warm up here.” He requested.

Sun did as her master said but Ngai was still cold. He pondered for a moment and thought of a solution to the problem but there was non. “When I created you, you smiled and danced your way around. You lit up the sky and brightened me up. Now you look distressed. What could be the matter?” Ngai asked.

” I have no one other than you Ngai. I need some company,” said Sun. “A child maybe?”

Ngai had grown tired of this topic and pushed it for later, but his heart had softened because he knew he needed Sun to keep warm. Before he went on his way he said “Fine. I will create one child only. But I’m afraid you will no longer devote your attention to me so you will stay near me.”

Sun immediately lit up upon hearing the news and twirled her way around the sky again. Ngai created Earth for Sun and placed her at a fair distance from her mother. Sun was then instructed to stand still at the center.

Earth was round and brown. She was made up of dirt and hot coals were placed within the confines of her belly- Ngai had used some of Sun’s heat to mould her. She went about her orbit in hopes of reaching her mother Sun, but her efforts availed nothing. This made Earth very sad from loneliness and she in turn begged Ngai for a favor. “I’m in desperate need of a brother or a sister,” she pleaded with tears in her eyes.

Ngai knew this request all too well and reluctantly collected some of Earth’s coals and transformed them into Fire. “There you go. You have a brother named Fire,” and off Ngai went to scold Sun for ever asking for a child in the first place. He realized he just could not please anyone and this frustrated him.

Earth and Fire loved to play but their games often resulted in one hurting the other. Fire had a bad temper and Earth was hard headed. Having a sibling was not all that fun after all. When they had their differences, Earth often called upon Ngai for a chat but sometimes he was too busy for her complaints. His anger scared her to a point of making her cry. To make up for his actions, Ngai collected all of Earth’s tears and transformed them into Water.

“Whenever Fire fights you, team up with water,” Ngai said and went on his way.

Earth and Water were inseparable and Fire became jealous. He approached the creator for some consolation. Feeling the need to be fair, Ngai sympathised with Fire and formed Wind from Water’s back. “You have a brother to support you when you’re at your lowest point. Call on Wind in those moments.” Ngai left for his dwelling in the sky and marveled at his creation.

Earth, Fire, Water, Wind.

They lived in harmony most of their lives, but they sometimes rivalled against each other. When that happened, there was often a calamity. Wind carried everything in his way. Fire consumed everything he could. Water drowned anyone who’d disagree with her and Earth would crack herself open and destroy anyone on her back.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Day 25