Best of The Year – News Story

When news broke out that a group of 12 teenage boys were trapped in a cave, my heart stopped for a second because I couldn’t imagine the fear and horror they were going through.

It all started as an ordinary birthday celebration for a friend in the group. The boys then decided, with their football coach, to tour the cave which happens to be a tourist attraction. While down under, a storm occurred causing a land slide which led to the group’s misfortune. What could have been their only way out seemed impassable as the rout was a dark and tiny maze. The boys stayed calm throughout their ordeal despite not having warm clothes or enough food to sustain them.

On the outside, a search had been launched by authorities after their parents alerted them of their disappearance. A team of divers then swum through to the cave to begin the rescue. Each diver was assigned four boys and they all made it out alive except one of the divers who drowned during the rescue mission.

Immediately after the group was rescued safely, they were quarantined at a local hospital to ensure that they were in good health. All was okay and the boys, including their coach, returned to their homes safely and made some some public appearances because they became a national treasure.

This story was heart warming for me because of the bravery and resilience exhibited by the boys and the coach. I think fear would have killed me, I’m such a coward.

What news story was your highlight of 2018? Hit me up in the comments.


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4 thoughts on “Best of The Year – News Story

    1. I like that one too. It’s inspiring to have a women dominate a field that was not designed for us. I forgot about it ๐Ÿ˜‘ you should write about it. Don’t forget to tag me.
      Thank you for reading honey ๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜


  1. I remember reading about how the training the coach gave the boys playyd a huge part in their being calm and surving the ordeal…. strange how we trainedn for some things to come and we dont even know best thing for me was that all’s well that ended well…


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