Best of The Year – Experience

My trip to Chobe was the highlight of the year. I spent a day with a few friends in the Chobe national park in Botswana, seeing animals and appreciating nature.

Chobe National Park is found in Kasane, the town in Botswana that boarders Zambia, Namibia, Zimbabwe and Botswana.

Fun Facts about Chobe National Park

  1. It has the highest elephant population in the world hence it is locally known as the Land of Giants. You must travel during the summer if you want to see the elephants because they come out of the forest in search of water.
  2. Chobe happens to be Botswana ‘s first national park
  3. It is the most biologically diverse National Park in Botswana
  4. During the summer when the elephants come out in search of water, they migrate as far as Zimbabwe in the north west

Ariel view of Kazungula where the four countries meet.

Source: Wiki

Chobe River

The Chobe River is a tributary of the ZAMBEZI River where its waters stem from at Kazungula on the east, forming the Botswana border. It’s a swampy body of water that inhibits different species of wildlife such as crocodiles, birds, the big five and so on. A tour of the river reveals that there is an island where Botswana and Namibia meet. An interesting question is, who owns the island between the two? Well, there were disputes between the two countries many years ago. Botswana wanted control of the island for tourism while Namibia wanted to grow rice for commercial purposes. The issue was settled by the International Court, which ruled in favor of Botswana because the depth of the river is deeper on the Botswanan side. Our tour guide mentioned that there was some trickery involved by the Tswana Govt. Apparently, they sent a team of men to dig deeper into the the river to extend the depth so that they could win the case. I don’t know if it’s true but it cracked me up.

A herd of impala.

The female population is much higher than the male. Males therfore contest in a brutal fight to win over the females. The one that wins gets to lead the entire herd. Whoever rules this group is a lucky guy.

A leopard magestically walking away from the lights, camera and action.

We had given up on seeing any leopards, but one of the game rangers leading another tour gave us an alert to drive as quickly as we could to this location. We only caught a glimpse and the mighty leopard walked away graciously. I think it hated being the center of attention.

Warthogs crossing a muddy path

We were lucky enough to run into Pumba and his little family of Warthogs. Only they know where they were strutting to. Looking for Timon maybe?

Hippos taking a swim in the Chobe River.

This group had a cool and long swim in the Chobe River. We didn’t have a good view because they were submerged in the water for much of the time. Hippos spend most of the day in water and come out at night. They are also sun lovers and bask in it from time to time. When these short tempered animals feel threatened they chase their would be predeters and push them with all their strength. Caution to tourists would be to never linger in the forest on foot lest they are chased by these chubby creatures

I had such a splendid experience as it was filled with history, geography and biology lessons. The tour guides were very friendly and funny. Also, the food at Chobe Safari Lodge was colorful and scrumptious. I’m still thinking about the chicken wraps I had.

So if you ever feel like going on tour, stop by Chobe National Park and indulge yourself in nature’s beauty and diversity.

Bonus Fun Fact: Botswana was voted the best tourist destination in the world.

What was your best experience this year? Let’s chat.


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