Wednesday Crush On A Creative

So this train has left me faaaar behind but I will try my best to catch it at the next stop, which is Becoming The Muse . I ran into this blog a couple of years ago and was immediately captivated because the content was impeccable and something yet unseen.

So what is Becoming The Muse all about? Everything and anything. Truly, it is, but personally I look forward to all the mythical and mystical stuff about Africa.

I certainly enjoyed reading The Lady Of The Creek and I just love how Beaton took me back to my childhood fantasy of being a mermaid. I day dreamed of having fins and a tail like Ariel from The Little Mermaid so this post took me back to that place.

Before the Blogtember Challenge, I was just an ordinary girl that didn’t take a second look at plants, but Beaton unknowingly prompted me to do a little reading on the Jacaranda. He did so himself in this beautifully written piece called Of Coffee and Running On Empty. It’s nice to know that Zambia and Zimbabwe are not just neighbors but they share trees and Myths. The story about Nyami Nyami remains one of my favorites.

So if you were to take a look at his blog, grab a cup of coffee and read some combi diaries. Don’t just stop there though, spend some time in the comment section and have a good laugh.

The train has so far stopped at


The Leo Nation

Becoming The Muse

I salute all the crearives who’ve so far been appreciated. Your work is phenomenal and never stop writing.


2 thoughts on “Wednesday Crush On A Creative

  1. Thank you for the creative crush
    hahahahaha you wanted too be a mermaid????? well thats news to me, which reminds me I need to continue that story too at next possible free moment
    its crazy how we share some legends and myths across boarders and how some things are so different yet totally the same
    Thank you and much appreciated

    PS the nyami nyami is awfully quite these days I wonder what its up to

    Liked by 1 person

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