Our minds are in the habit of wandering off into distances that we, in reality, cannot reach. We fill our heads with thoughts and imaginations inspired by what we gaze upon. Eyes are the windows to the soul. We look through one another using our God given lenses, we focus only on what we want to see and things we wish we could unsee.

Eyes have a universal language we can all understand. In dir times, they speak a resounding communique, despite the expressionless faces we’d much rather wear for the world to see.

Our demeanor lies in our eyes. They glisten when we are proud of our achievements. They well up when we are struck by perilous fights with life and they twinkle involuntarily when we are overwhelmed with flattery.

Eyes speak more truth than words because words suffer manipulation.

Letters make up words and words, when woven together, transfigure into musings and rumblings of the mind, heart and soul.

In a rhythmic pattern, use your words to serenade your lover. Dim the lights, throw some rose pettles on the floor and sing a verse on an acoustic beat. Tell her you love her. She’ll forget everything else, but never the lyrics to your song.

When we are angry we use words as weapons. We hold on to them desperately, like death holds hope for an ailing man. Like blades, we spit razor sharp words of hate and make sure that they cut deep because our aim is to annihilate those who’ve pained us. The wounds heal in due time, but what’s been said remains a scar that pricks when the mind dares to trek towards the disheartening memories.

Words cause distraction. Add some spice and you’re guaranteed to cook up discord and stir strife between friends, sisters and in-laws.

On the contrary, words build people. They build personalities and emotions. Sometimes people come to you knowing your words will cause them to let go of their inhibitions. Maybe you lied a few times and they caught on to it, but it’s your belief in their capabilities that made you subjective towards them.

Sometimes they ask for your honesty. Because you’re mindful of their feelings, you opt for the truth, but not the whole of it because their happiness matters to you.

Words can be written and translated in many languages. They can be erased and unwritten. They can be a mouthful yet mean little. They can be few, yet rich. They can be silent, yet audible.

A dishonest politician can use them as rhetoric to have his way. Words are used as banter. They can be orchestrated by a musician to sing a hymn in a church. On a paper, words can be inked to form a poem or a melody that can be rewriten in centuries to come.

Adventures and reflections of a meandering mind can be jotted down and still be able to speak to the one whose shoe fits.

Tales can be told to friends in a manner of prose to have readers explore the power of their imagination.

Your entire being will tremble as the words “I do” escape your lips because that’s all it takes to dutifully bind you to the one you love, or don’t.

In a society where first impressions set a precedence for a second date with your potential life partner, or a potential boss, words must be thoughtfully and carefully constructed, so our sincere hope is that we have made a good impression on you.

Welcome to Prose and Cons.